Marcia Misawa
I’m Marcia Misawa, a visual artist, illustrator and designer, passionate about childhood and the ethical development of the mind.

I started my career in UI/UX Design, then I dove deeply into children’s books illustration, path that brought me a huge experience in the field of Communication, Design and Illustration, that I'm very grateful for.

In my work, I combine Technology with traditional Arts & Crafts techniques, and I navigate seamlessly between watercolor paints, x-acto knives and softwares. :-D

Also, interaction design is one of my favorite themes to explore, not only on digital media, but also on paper. When designing interactivity, I’m in flow state! From books to websites, it’s my passion to design experiences that spark a light in audience’s hearts.

I live in Florida, USA, and I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, as a 3rd generation of Japanese migrants in the world’s largest Japanese community outside Japan.

For me, Art is a tool for a major goal I have: to help people access their humanity, develop compassion and flourish in their full potential to practice and spread love.
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